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Pristina awaits ruling on independence

Pristina awaits ruling on independence
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While a court mulls over the question of the legality of Kosovo’s declaration of independence from Serbia, the mood on the streets of the capital Pristina is one of wait and see.

Recent history has led the people of Kosovo to adopt a pragmatic attitude when it comes their country’s future. One resident said: “We don’t really expect much. It will come out looking like both sides are winners and no one will be damaged. In any case we will be the ultimate winners since it’s not binding. Whatever they rule, it won’t be that interesting to us.” While one woman fears a decision in favour of Serbia: “In my opinion, as always, Kosovo will be side-stepped and this time around there will be nothing in favour of Kosovo and they will decide in favour of Serbia.” The court was set up to rule on disputes between sovereign states, but can also be asked by the UN to give an advisory opinion on legal questions. It has issued 25 such advisory opinions since it started work in April, 1946.