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Slovenian guitarist Anze Palka

Slovenian guitarist Anze Palka
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Slovenian guitarist Anze Palka has developed a style all of his own – a mix of Spanish flamenco and classical guitar.

He says: “The most important thing is that I feel this music and play it the way I feel it, no matter what it’s called. It’s essential for me to convey a message with it.” Not content with composing and playing, Anche Palkas also founded and organises the Slovenian International Flamenco Festival every autumn. He says: “After a successful festival we like to get together for some good food and drink. Sipping some good wine we talk bout how to make the festival even better. Then to lighten the atmosphere a bit, I like to play a piece or two, something relaxing, something Slovenian perhaps.” When he’s not working, Anche likes to relax in the countryside. The first composition which brought him to prominence was Fantasia Flamenco, and he still spends a lot of time in the studio working with other musicians to develop new compositions. He says: “I like the music I’m making. I can apply the knowledge I have – from classical to flamenco – which I was passionate about throughout my studies. As a guitarist, I am very close to the flamenco guitar, the classical guitar and to classical music and everything connected to it.”