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World powers hail fall of Berlin Wall

World powers hail fall of Berlin Wall
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The world leaders were late in turning up for their speeches but their words to mark the celebrations were well worth the wait.

The Brandenburg Gate was once the fault line between East and West – tonight it the was setting for another piece of history as various heads of state joined thousands of people to listen to a classcal concert led by Daniel Baremboin. (chk spelling) German Chancellor Angela Merkel said today was “not only a day of celebration for Germans. It’s a day of celebration for the whole of Europe.” The Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was next to address the gathered crowd. “The passage to a new multi-polar world is today very important and Germany’s reunification is very important for all of us because the world continues to face serious threats – both economic and regional,” he said. The US President, Barack Obama, who could not attend gave a surprise address by video-link and described the fall of the wall as the most clear “rebuke of tyranny – adding there could be no stronger affirmation of freedom.”