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Talks failure plunges Honduras back into crisis

Talks failure plunges Honduras back into crisis
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There was anger and frustration in Honduras as talks to break a four month political crisis failed.

Supporters of ousted President Manuel Zelaya demanded his reinstatement in a protest outside parliament as a deadline for negotiations on forming a unity government approached. One protest leader vented his fury against international diplomats who brokered the talks, claiming they were accomplices of those who forced Zelaya out in a coup. Congress installed Roberto Michelleti as president after Zelaya was toppled in June, but his government has failed to win recognition abroad. Under pressure from the US and the Organisation of American States the two leaders agreed last weak to hold talks on forming a unity government. But they clashed over who should be in the cabinet and the negotiations broke down. Zelaya has called on Hondurans to boycott a presidential election later this month, insisting it would not be legitimate unless he is first restored to power. So the country has been plunged back into political deadlock, and the worst internal crisis seen in central America for the past 20 years.