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Bill Clinton in Kosovo to unveil statue

Bill Clinton in Kosovo to unveil statue
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A statue of Bill Clinton has been unveiled in Kosovo in the presence of the former US President himself.

Clinton is considered a hero by Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian majority for launching the NATO airstrikes that stopped a Serb crackdown, 10 years ago. He told the thousands who braved bitter temperatures in Pristina to see him: “I never expected that anywhere someone would make such a big statue of me. And this morning, when I talked to my wife who said to tell you ‘hello’, she said I had to make a photograph in front of this and send it to her to make sure it was true and I did not make this whole thing up.” The US is one of dozens of countries to have recognised Kosovo’s self-declared independence. Some other nations including Russia still see it as a province of Serbia. That argument aside, the statue means Bill Clinton’s contribution to Kosovo’s history will never be forgotten.