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Varied reaction to Chirac trial

Varied reaction to Chirac trial
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Jacques Chirac was, in several polls, thought the worst president in the history of the Fifth Republic when he left office just 30 months ago.

Now some polls say he is the country’s most popular politician. Supporters like the UMP’s Ewige Antier say hands off! “I think it’s both terrible and pathetic that we should drag in this manner a president of our country in front of the courts for events that took place such a long time ago. I am sad for my country.” The Socialist’s François Hollande however wants more light shed on the affair. He said: “There’s unease and everyone feels it. Unease to see a president in such an unprecedented situation and unease about how long ago these things were going on.” The Green’s Noel Mamère is less appreciative of the former president’s discomfort. “At some point we’ve got to know or we live in a banana republic. I hear some squalking about it, but it’s only normal Chirac explains himself,” he said. Chirac the author gets his retaliation in first, as the much-awaited first volume of his memoirs is published in the next few days.