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Solution in sight to Honduras political crisis

Solution in sight to Honduras political crisis
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An end looks to be in sight to the political crisis that has plunged Honduras into turmoil.

People are still taking in the news that a deal has been reached, opening the door for ousted President Manuel Zelaya to return to power One resident of the capital, Tegucigalpa, acknowledged that Congress still needs to approve Zelaya’s reinstatement, hoping it will do so. If not, the man said, there would be no point in holding presidential elections as planned at the end of next month. Hailing “a triumph for Honduran democracy” Zelaya is confident he will be restored to office imminently. The breakthrough follows renewed pressure from US officials who travelled to Honduras in a last-ditch bid to find a solution. De facto leader Roberto Micheletti took over within hours of Zelaya being toppled. Having softened his stance, he has now evoked the beginning of the end of what he called “the political situation” in the country. Zelaya was sent into exile in the military coup in June. But he crept back into Honduras last month and has since been holed up in the Brazilian embassy.