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Czech court to give Lisbon treaty ruling next

Czech court to give Lisbon treaty ruling next
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Uncertainty over the EU’s Lisbon Treaty is set to continue after the Czech Constitutional Court said it will not give its ruling on a complaint against the text until next week.

The Czech President Vaclav Klaus has said he will not sign the Treaty until the Court makes its decision. The Czech foreign minister is urging patience. Jan Kohout said: “This is not the first critical moment in the history of European Union integration, so it’s not about the Czech Republic… and for sure this is not the last one in the history of the European Union.” The Czech Rebublic is the only EU state to yet to ratify it. It cannot come into effect until Klaus signs. The complaint has been filed by a group of conservative senators who claim the Treaty is against the Czech constitution. The pact is meant to streamline decision-making in the EU. Its provisions include the creation of a post of president for the bloc.