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Rio promised federal help in drug war

Rio promised federal help in drug war
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Rio de Janeiro has been offered 40 million euros by Brazil’s federal government to help in the fight against drug gangs.

This after 17 people were killed in weekend drug-related violence, raising questions about the city’s ability to safely host the 2016 Olympics. The country’s president has also offered Rio use of Brazil’s federal security force. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said: “We’ll do anything it takes and make all necessary sacrifices so we can clean up the mess these people are creating in Brazil, damaging our image abroad. “There are so many great things that take place in this country, so many honest people who work here and yet this group of people manage to control another group of people, ruining our image abroad and leaving innocent victims in Brazil.” Just weeks after Rio won the right to host the Olympics, a turf battle between hundreds of drug traffickers from rival gangs made headlines around the world. Drug dealers shot down a police helicopter over one slum in the city, killing three police officers. Fourteen other people, including 12 suspected drug traffickers, were also killed in the violence.