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Gone but not Poe-gotten

Gone but not Poe-gotten
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Edgar Allen Poe, one of America’s greatest 19th century authors has been given a solemn send-off 160 after his death. 
It came on the 200th anniversary of the birth of the writer, who died penniless and virtually unknown in Baltimore. 
Present day devotees felt a tribute was long overdue. Jeff Jerome, Curator of the Poe Museum said: “Well this actually is the bicentennial of Poe’s birth and there was very little we could do with the birth. So we thought we would recreate Poe’s funeral since his original funeral was very quick, there were only seven people in attendance. So I thought this would be Baltimore’s chance to make it right, to do it the right way.”
Fans came from all around the US for the burial of a replica of Poe’s body. The author, best known for his writing in the horror genre, inspired other artists including the director Alfred Hitchcock, who brought his stories to a wider audience.