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Lisbon treaty laggards: Poland eager, Czech Republic silent

Lisbon treaty laggards: Poland eager, Czech Republic silent
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Poland hasn’t yet ratified the Lisbon treaty, but if the Prime Minister has his way, this omission will soon be rectified.

Donald Tusk called on the President, a confirmed eurosceptic in the past, to quickly sign the EU reform treaty. “In Europe, they are eagerly awaiting President Kaczynski’s signature. I wouldn’t like Poland to be seen, after this referendum, as the country that stopped the integration process in Europe,” he said. The Czech Republic is a different story. A complaint has been filed with the Czech Constitutional Court that the treaty violates the country’s constitution, because it paves the way for a super-state. Some say the court will rule on the complaint within three weeks. Others say it could take months. And the Czech President, who’s set himself against the treaty, won’t be hurried. “The question does not exist today. I won’t consider it until the Constitutional Court releases its decision,” Vaclav Klaus said. In Britain, Opposition leader David Cameron has said if the Czech Republic hasn’t ratified the treaty before the British election next spring and the Conservatives win, he will hold a referendum. So far he has dodged the question of what he would do, if all the EU nations ratify the treaty before the election.