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Irish referendum: "Yes" likely, "No" no surprise

Irish referendum: "Yes" likely, "No" no surprise
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Euronews’ correspondent Seamus Kearney interviewed Irish Times political editor, Stephen Collins, at Dublin Castle, on the day the country held its second referendum on the European reform treaty, the Lisbon treaty.

Euronews correspondent Seamus Kearney: “Recent opinion polls would indicate that the “Yes” campaign is in the lead, but what are the chances of an upset?” Stephen Collins, Political Editor, Irish Times: “There is a feeling around that the “No” side has gained ground in the final days of the campaign and there is certainly a lot of nervousness around on the side of the government and the main opposition parties who are all campaigning hard for a “Yes” vote, so I still think a “Yes” vote is probably likely but it will not be a huge shock if there is a “No” vote. It’s still a possibility. After all we did vote “No” not only to the first Lisbon treaty but to the first Nice treaty.” Euronews correspondent Seamus Kearney: “Much has been made about this possibility, that this is a warning that the Irish voters could use this vote to punish the Irish government that is very low in the popularity ratings. Is that a real threat?” Stephen Collins, , Political Editor, Irish Times: “A lot of people are so angry at what has happened over the last year – at the way the economy has come tumbling down; the bursting of the property bubble; the government itself has been blamed for having inflated the bubble far too high, so a lot of people want to vent their anger. The main opposition parties who would form an alternative government if there was an election, they are also campaigning for a “Yes” vote and they’re telling people: “Look, don’t take out your anger at the government this time around, wait until there is an election, you will have an opportunity to get rid of this government”. Euronews correspondent Seamus Kearney: “More than 3 million people are eligible to vote in this referendum. The results are to be collated from tomorrow morning. And of course we’ll have those results and analysis of those results from 6 o’clock central European time on Euronews.”