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Tsunami relief operation underway

Tsunami relief operation underway
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A major relief operation has begun in the Pacific islands of Samoa and American Samoa. They were hit by a tsunami on Tuesday afternoon leaving a death toll of over a hundred people so far.

The waves ripped buildings apart and washed people out to sea — some while sleeping in their beds. 24 year old Karen Miumapa said the worst waves nearly reached the electricity pole: “My cousin was so badly injured. You can look, all these rooves, and all these walls..He was carried all the way back to the ocean. After the first wave, then we stood up here. We just watched him. The second wave came again and brought him back again and then to that side. He was found from there.” Four powerful tsunamis generated by a huge undersea quake crashed into the Pacific islands. Rescue officials said planes carrying medics, food, water and other supplies were heading to the stricken area. The European Union has released an initial amount of 150,000 euros in aid for the victims. Samoan officials say it could take a week before the full extent of the damage is known and the death toll is expected to keep rising.