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The Romanian Government Has Collapsed

The Romanian Government Has Collapsed
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The Romanian government has collapsed. The Social Democrats have quit and shattered the coalition in protest at the sacking of the Interior minister, a social democrat, by the Prime Minister Emil Boc who proposed a replacement from his own party.

The Prime Minister’s Democrat Liberals can rule alone for a few weeks but will have to win parliament’s approval for new ministers to the replace the social democrat ones they’ve lost. Political analyst, Sterian Tanase said: “The social situation in Romania will worsen over the next months and next year will be very difficult. The government will be even more paralysed and incapable of reacting because they will have no excuses, like presidential elections. They will only be left with economic problems.” The support of centrist and ethnic Hungarian opposition parties key will be key to the government’s survival ahead of a November presidential election. The break-up has jolted the markets, raising the risk of Romania’s failure to meet International Monetary Fund fiscal targets in exchange for a 20 billion Euro aid package.