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China puts on a show of military might

China puts on a show of military might
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The People’s Republic of China marked its 60th anniversary today with a show of military prowess.

Hundreds of missiles and tanks and thousands of troops from the world’s largest standing army were on display. President Hu Jintao took the salute from the estimated 200,000 people taking part It was a spectacle designed to make the rest of the world sit up and notice. The celebrations mark the birth of the republic back in 1949. One aim was to illustrate just how far the nation has come since then in both technology and economic development. Hu Jintao’s government was also showing that its formula of one party rule and rapid growth remains the right one for hauling the world’s third biggest economy into prosperity and maintaining control of its 1.3 billion population. But as the images of picture perfect soldiers and precision marching were beamed around the world there was another message – China knows how to put on a show.