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London Fashion Week kicks off

London Fashion Week kicks off
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Fashion Week is underway in London and although to some it is just an excuse for skinny models to show off peculiar clothes, the event is estimated to pump in the region of 20 million euros into the British economy – and Fashion Week heavily influences the styles we’ll soon be buying in the high street.

Julien MacDonald said his new collection was inspired by scuba diving – and it certainly did have underwater references. Which means you know who to blame if you end up doing the supermarket shop in a fish-scale micro-mini next year. As always, Vivienne Westwood ploughed her own furrow. She even included a wrap and drape nappy-style romper suit in her collection. Not everyone at the show was as sartorially classy – one chap having decided to wear what looked like a pair of mesh knickers over his face. Mary Katrantzou said that her frocks were inspired by objects made of glass. They certainly weren’t designed for the supermarket however. Sending a size 12 model down the catwalk caused a huge ruckus in Mark Fast’s team and resulted in his stylist walking out in protest. But the designer was unrepentant – he had wanted to prove that his clothes weren’t only to be worn by skeletal models but would look good on ordinary women too. For more information see