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Havana hosts huge concert for peace

Havana hosts huge concert for peace
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Revolution Square in Havana is gearing up for the biggest open air concert since the 1959 revolution, where more than half a million people are expected to attend.

The concert for peace has been put together by the Colombian Grammy award winner Juanas. However, the singer has come under fire from Cuban exiles living in Miami who accuse him of pandering to the Communist authorities. “ It’s a message of peace, not only for Cuba. It’s for the entire region, what is happening is very sad. How we are polarised and divided and fighting because we think differently,” said the singer. Back in Miami dissident and singer Gorki Aguila has slammed Juanos for dealing with the regime. “ If you want to speak about peace and you don’t say who is responsible, you are not speaking clearly, well I call things by their name. I have been doing it for a long time, the evil in my country has a name its Fidel Castro, its name is Raul Castro.” Juanas will be joined by 14 other musical acts from six countries.