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Belgrade bootboys look set to block gay pride march

Belgrade bootboys look set to block gay pride march
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Sunday’s planned gay pride march in Belgrade faces cancellation despite assurances from Serb President Boris Tadic that those taking part will be protected.

Ultranationalist groups and football hooligans have threatened to attack those taking part. As many as 5,000 security officers are due to police the march. Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said: “There is a big security risk. There is a risk of violence, we will do everything to keep order.” It will be a test of Serbia’s determination to become more open and modern following a bloody recent history. If the march goes ahead it will be the first pride event in Belgrade since 2001 when the parade was ambushed by Serb nationalists and dozens of marchers and police were injured. The church is anti with one leader calling the event “ Sodom and Gomorrah on the streets of Belgrade.”