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Iran hands plans to western powers

Iran hands plans to western powers
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The Iranian foreign minister has handed a package of proposals to a group of world powers, as the West increased its pressure on Tehran to take part in meaningful talks to resolve the international dispute over Iran’s nuclear programme.

There were six copies – one each for Germany, China, Russia, and France. The Swiss ambassador accepted documents for the US and Britain who have no diplomatic presence in Tehran. Iran said the proposals address various global issues. But it is not clear if the dossiers contained anything that would avert further international sanctions threatened over fears that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said his inspectors had ‘serious concerns’ about Iran’s nuclear installations, but he is not panicking at the moment. Iran has always maintained that its atomic programme is simply to produce electricity. America’s envoy to the IAEA said the US has ‘serious concerns’ that Iran is close to producing a nuclear weapon.