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Lake Ohrid boat captain arrested

Lake Ohrid boat captain arrested
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The president of Bulgaria has flown to Macedonia to visit survivors of the tourist boat sinking which killed 15 of his countrymen. Georgi Parvanov said he had been told the disaster was caused by rudder problems, and declared a day of mourning in Bulgaria.

Those who escaped from the waters of Lake Ohrid were traumatised by the experience and have been flown home to Bulgaria. One woman said it was terrifying, and she was just glad to be alive. Lake Ohrid is a popular tourist spot, drawing holidaymakers from across the region. Campers nearby helped with rescue efforts. The 23-year-old captain and owner of the boat, called the Ilinden, has been arrested. The vessel was built in the 1930s; the exact cause of the sinking is not known, but survivors say she was overloaded, and listed sharply before sinking and breaking in two. It happened 200 metres offshore. It is thought the victims were trapped inside the boat and drowned despite the water being just six metres deep.