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Cameron challenges Brown on release motives

Cameron challenges Brown on release motives
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The fallout from the al-Megrahi release continues to make political waves. The British government has published letters between it and Scotland’s devolved legislature indicating London believed his death in jail would harm relations with Libya.

London claims that despite Jack Straw’s advice, the letters state the final decision was Scotland’s to make. British-Libyan relations have warmed recently. London claims a number of deals, notably on prisoner transfers would have been jeopardised had Scotland, as it wanted, specifically excluded the Lockerbie bomber from it. Britain’s opposition leader David CAmeron says something funny’s going on; “The British government stands accused, and indeed the Prime Minister stands accused, of double dealing. On the one hand saying to the Americans they wanted al-Megrahi to die in prison, but on the other hand saying privately to the Libyans that they wanted him released. Now we’ve got to get to the bottom of this, the British Prime Minister has got to be straight with the British people.” The Scottish parliament is due this morning to hold a debate on the affair, when more details may emerge about exactly who said what to whom.