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Prague war refugees relive train evacuation

Prague war refugees relive train evacuation
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Among the poignant memories being evoked today is the story of the rescue of 669 children from the then Czechoslovakia on the eve of the war.

Their evacuation by train was organised by a British stock broker, Nicholas Winton, who was in the Czech capital at the time. This morning a train left Prague, recreating the mainly Jewish children’s epic journey. The now elderly passengers say they owe their lives to Winton. Ruth Hallova, one of the refugees said: “I wasn’t afraid at all. On the contrary, I knew it was a mercy mission. I’m so glad that after 70 years I’m still healthy enough to repeat the journey.” Winton worked tirelessly to organise the evacuation when he realised they were in imminent danger. He persuaded the British authorities to allow the children in and arranged foster families. The 100-year-old, now Sir Nicholas Winton, will meet the train when it arrives in London on Friday.