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Relatives anger over Lockerbie release

Relatives anger over Lockerbie release
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The possible imminent release of the Lockerbie bomber is straining relations between Britain and the US.

Scottish authorities are expected to free Abdel Basset al-Megrahi today on compassionate grounds today. The Libyan, who is suffering from terminal cancer, would then by returned to his homeland. Tom Ammerman was killed in the atrocity. His brother is among American relatives who feel their government has not done enough to prevent Megrahi’s release. He said: “Here is a good person, a good father who had his life senselessly taken away by a coward and this coward now is being given the opportunity to go home to be surrounded by his family members. There’s something truly wrong with that.” “For the Secretary of State to say she protested, and government officials and the executive branch… the one thing I’ve learned over 21 years of dealing with our government is if the United States doesn’t want something in their relationship with the United Kingdom, it doesn’t happen. So don’t insult my intelligence.” Some British relatives, however, believe he should be released. 270 people were killed when the Pan Am jet was blown up in mid-air and crashed into the Scottish town of Lockerbie.