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Grief and anger as Russia mourns dam victims

Grief and anger as Russia mourns dam victims
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As Russia buries its dead from the Siberian dam disaster there is mounting anger among local people against the authorities.

The confirmed death toll stands at 14 but relatives of the 62 workers still missing have been told to expect the worst. Some have complained the rescue effort is slow and insufficient. Many others did not trust official assurances that the dam would not burst. One man talked of panic as people fled the area. He said there were big queues at the petrol stations and that all the shops had closed. The turbine room of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hyrdoelectic plant flooded after a sudden water pressure surge. Those trapped inside stood little chance. Along side the rescue operation emergency crews are battling to prevent environmental damage from a large oil spill. The cause is still being investigated but it’s thought the state of the ageing structure and its machinery was a factor. The makers of the turbines had reportedly warned their safety could no longer be gauranteed.