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Georgia/Russia tensions rise over S.Ossetia

Georgia/Russia tensions rise over S.Ossetia
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Russia has put its troops in South Ossetia on heightened alert ahead of the first anniversary of its war with Georgia. At the same time, Tbilisi warned of the risk of renewed fighting over the breakaway region. Accusations flew from both sides, with Georgia denying it had fired mortars into the disputed territory. EU monitors said they had seen no evidence of shelling.

Fighting erupted last summer when Tbilisi tried to retake its rebel region. Moscow sent in the troops, who routed the Georgian forces and drove towards the capital. Amid claim and counter-claim, the Georgians say Russia has physically moved the border line south of the village of Kveshi, to drag the village into South Ossetia. These pictures were shot by local Georgian television and purport to show new border posts and their original positions. Russia denied the charge and, in turn, accused Tbilisi of provocation.