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Spain on red alert after attacks.

Spain on red alert after attacks.
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Police in Spain are on heightened alert after the bomb attacks in Majorca.

They believe the perpetrators are still on the island and they are continuing a full-scale search in an attempt to bring them in. After the attacks, they briefly closed all ports and airports, and set up road blocks, to stop them escaping. The government called the move “Operation Cage”. With the country in its peak tourist season, and thousands taking to the road for holidays, this led to delays and traffic chaos. The Spanish tourist office insists there was no danger to visitors, hoping to prevent an expensive exodus from the island. But some visitors interviewed at the resort showed it would take more than the threat of another blast to make them leave. “We’re not really too involved so I don’t think we’re at any risk,” one Irish man said. “I think with the police we should be safe enough.” Majorca is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations for British and German tourists. “I think we will come back,” one German woman said. “Swine flu is here as well as the bomb attacks. But we like it here.” But there are fears the attacks will deal another blow to country’s tourist industry, already hit by the economic crisis. The number of British visitors to Spain fell by nearly 17 per cent between January and May, compared with the last year.