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Fully automated living, anyone?

Fully automated living, anyone?
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Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK are working on a fully automated house which can open and shut the doors, switch the lights on and off and operate the air conditioning all by itself. It can even text the residents if a door has been left open. It is called the “Inter-Home,” and works via a network of infrared sensors wired to a central computer.

The new element of the “Inter-Home” is that it learns the inhabitants’ habits and routines so that it can adapt their needs without them having to think about it. It turns the heating on and off for example according to exterior temperatures, and room usages so that a room is automatically already heated when someone walks into it. The software programmes are designed to calculate which room will be occupied and when, based on room usage trends, and accordingly switch lights and electricity on and off when required – as in this dolls’ house prototype. Inhabitants don’t have to be in the house to turn appliances on and off, it can be done over the internet, and instructions can also be sent by text message. According to its developers, this system makes homes more secure. But more than that, they say it could cut down on electricity bills and carbon emissions, thus making the whole world greener. For more information about the University of Hertfordshire see: For more about the Inter-Home see: