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Bosnian Serb cousins found guilty of arson killings

Bosnian Serb cousins found guilty of arson killings
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Two Serbian ex-paramilitaries have been convicted in the Hague for the massacre of scores of Bosnian Muslims.

Cousins Milan and Sredoje Lukic, members of a unit dubbed the White Eagles or Avengers, had denied burning alive and murdering at least 119 Bosnians in two separate incidents. Ringleader Milan Lukic was jailed for life in what the war crimes court described as a ‘callous disregard’ for human life. Sredoje received 30 years for his part in one of the atrocities both of which occurred in the town of Visegrad in 1992 during the Bosnian war. The court found some 60 Bosnian Muslims had been burned alive in a house that had been set ablaze with an accelerant, while at least another 60 people perished in another home after grenades were thrown inside. Milan Lukic was also convicted of shooting 12 Bosnian Muslim men on the side of a river bank.