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Twin bomb blasts hit hotels in Jakarta -- foreigners reported dead

Twin bomb blasts hit hotels in Jakarta -- foreigners reported dead
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A least nine people including some foreigners have been killed by two near simultaneous bomb blasts in the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

The luxury Ritz Carlton and Marriott hotels were the target of the attack leaving dozens injured. A car bomb is also reported to have blown up along a toll road in North Jakarta. Police say a third unexploded bomb was also found at the Marriott. Rescuers say at least 4 of the dead were foreigners. Until today’s coordinated attacks Indonesia had enjoyed a period of calm since an attack ripped through the Marriott in 2003. That explosion killed 12 people. The latest devices went off within minutes of each other, one of which was thought to be the work of a suicide bomber. Eyewitness spoke of the sheer size of the explosions. “It was so big, especially at the Marriott. There was suddenly white smoke in the air and then about 5 minutes later, the Ritz Carlton got hit.” one man said. “It sounded like an earthquake that we had about a year ago or two that was about 7 on the scale. And then within about five minutes afterwards there was a very very loud noise and I looked up and there was white smoke and I left.” another eyewitness said. Both hotels have heavy security and police still don’t know how the bombers got inside. Manchester United’s squad had been due to stay at the Ritz-Calton on Friday but have now called off playing any matches in Indonesia.