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Milan Eric and Zvonko Coh

Milan Eric and Zvonko Coh
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Milan Eric lives and works in Maribor in Slovenia. He is an artist and an animator, but prefers to call himself a draughtsman. He admits that he never quite knows what he’s going to draw when he starts work.

He says, “This work and this process means unpredictable results – and I must say that I do find predictability boring. I do plan certain things though, and I try to realise them, but during the process of drawing I come up with new ideas that I think are better. As far as composition goes, I’m also surprised by certain things which I find more vital than the ones I consciously outline.” A series of large compositions were inspired by an exhibition which he shared with another artist Zvonko Coh, who is also a close friend. The two also made an animated film together. Says Milan, “We literally started from scratch. We both drew a lot and started by doodling. From that dot emerged an animal or a figure and then we each animated the figures we had drawn on paper. Eventually it was essential to introduce an economy of work as one would draw faster then the other. Then there were also interactions between the figures so it was essential to anticipate who was going to draw first and who would follow.” It took 10 years and 25,000 drawings to finish their film “Socialisation of the Bull” and Milan Eric says that if they ever do another film, they’ll definitely use a computer!