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Jackson fans rally across the globe

Jackson fans rally across the globe
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There are scenes of shock and grief around the world for Michael Jackson, but also scenes of celebration of this musical legend’s life.

One woman in Los Angeles said: “What did he do for me? He gave me hope. He made me feel proud. He made me feel like there was hope for humanity. He taught us to love and not to hate. He was a symbol of a person who tried to unify the world. I saw him as an ambassador of the world.” Fans also reacted to the news in London, where a series of 50 Jackson concerts had been due to start on July the 13th. One man said: “Just like my friend was saying this morning: my childhood is gone. Because I grew up with him and stuff, and now it’s like a wake-up call. That part of my life is over. It’s so upsetting, so upsetting, and it’s so unexpected.” Jackson’s music was popular right across the globe, and he continued to have loyal followings despite bad press about his private life. In Beijing, one fan said: “Michael Jackson’s avant garde music made a big impact on China, especially since China was just opening up. His rhythm and dance moves were so fresh and different, which is why his work was so symbolic.”