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Cameron says "sorry" over expenses oversight

Cameron says "sorry" over expenses oversight
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On the day the expense claims of every British Member of Parliament was published on the internet the leader of the Tory opposition has apologised for mistakes made over his expenses and he has pledged to pay back £947 – that is 1,192 euros, that he wrongly claimed.

David Cameron said he was “very sorry” about the oversights. His own office says it alerted the Commons Fees Office to ensure transparency as vital information has been deleted from the published website on privacy and security grounds. Daily Telegraph Assistant Editor Andrew Pierce said:“Well, just have a look at the website, vast swathes of information have been blacked out, deleted, they call it, MPs – they call it redacting sensitive information. So you will see an amount of money that the fees officers agreed but you’ve got no notion what the money was spent on, whether it was interior design, whether it was on a garden, or maybe it was another moat.” Other details have been removed in the official version, such as Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s claim for a satellite TV subscription. The expenses revelations have prompted a slew of ministerial level resignations. On Wednesday, Treasury Minister Kitty Ussher stepped down amid reports that she changed the designation of her constituency home to avoid capital gains tax.