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EU adds window locks to child safety standards list

EU adds window locks to child safety standards list
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In a bid to reduce the number of cases of children falling to their deaths from windows the EU is introducing a new standard for childproof locks.

It is part of a drive to upgrade safety standards for a range of childcare products. European Commission spokeswoman Helen Kearns says: “We found that recently in a joint study by countries like Austria and Denmark that almost 20% of windows’ locks on the market were failing the basic tests for child proofing and othr products were also failing in terms of impact resistance and overall strength of the product. So in Sweden these products are compulsory, parents have to use them in windows in houses, for most other member states and for parents it is a choice.” A new benchmark is also being set for infant bathing items. The aim is to improve stability and safety requirements and make warnings on products more clear.