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Brown reshuffles cabinet as pressure grows

Brown reshuffles cabinet as pressure grows
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British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced a cabinet resuffle to shore up his position, making it clear he has no intention of quiting without a fight. He is under mounting pressure to stand down after a spate of cabinet resignations in recent days.

But, Brown said he and his new team had a job to do: “I accept responsibility but I’m not going to walk away from my duty to the country. The reason I’m saying I’ve been candid is; yes, over the expenses parliament should have acted earlier, all of us, and I apologise for our failure to do so. We’ve got to clean up the political system quickly but I believe that I’m a person who’s capable of doing that.” Brown’s latest move appeared to have ensured the loyalty of the most senior ministers who could have challenged him. However, he still faces a revolt among Labour members of parliament some of whom have been gathering signatures to unseat him.