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Palermo refuse strike to continue

Palermo refuse strike to continue
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There is no sign of an end to the refuse workers’ strike in Palermo.

The Sicilian city is being buried under binbags, and on Sunday firemen were called out to douse hundreds of fires that broke out or were started in the piles of rubbish. Some of the city’s refuse workers have been on strike for a week, as they are afraid the company that employs them will not pay their wages. It is in financial difficulties with debts of 150 million euros. The local council met last night to try and decide on a 30 percent rates increase on refuse collection to help the company, but the reportedly stormy meeting broke up without agreement. The company is in such dire staits it cannot pay the overtime that would be needed to clear the rubbish, so, for the moment, there are few signs that any solution can be reached quickly.