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Opel workers breathe sigh of relief

Opel workers breathe sigh of relief
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Opel workers around Europe have expressed relief that the carmaker appears to have been saved and their jobs with it. It is not yet clear however if Spanish, Belgian, Polish and British workers are as safe as their German workmates.

“It’s good for the motor industry, it has to go on. You know, we all do extra shifts, everybody is doing his best, and I think this will continue. It has to, because we’re making good cars.” “I say better Magna than the FIAT or the Chinese. I don’t think much about the latter two, I think they only wanted to exploit the whole company,” said two German employees. There’s optimism in Spain, where locals and unions provided input to the package, and where the Zaragoza factory is highly productive. “The Opel solution will be a European one, not a national one. That was one of our aims. And the productivity, capacity, and market of each European plant will be taken into consideration,” said the region’s elected leader. There are fewer details for the Polish, Belgian and British plants, but Vauxhall in London and Liverpool are included in the plan according to Magna, said Business minister Peter Mandelson.