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Climate change efforts

Climate change efforts
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“Hello, I’m Marie, from Washington. I’d like to know what Europe is doing to fight against climate change.”

“Hi, my name is Marie Hélène Fandel. I am a policy analyst at the European Policy centre in Brussels. There are many things the European Union can do to fight climate change. First of all, the European Union is involved in the global negotiations which will take place in Copenhagen in December 2009. The goal of these negotiations is to strike an agreement on climate change. About 190 countries will meet and EU has the opportunity to have an influence on the outcome of these negotiations. At EU level as well, the EU leaders have committed to 3 main targets to fight climate change, and to be reached by 2020. The first one is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% or by 30% if other developed countries agree to do the same thing. The second one is to ensure that the share of energy consumption will increase by 20% when it comes to renewables. And the third one is to ensure that energy savings will increase by 20% by the year 2020. So there is a lot the EU can do. There is a lot the member states have to deliver on, and also the EU benefits from a large single market. It has the possibility to set standards for goods that circulate in this market. And in that sense it can make sure that we are selling and buying energy-efficient goods and therefore contributing as consumers to reducing our impact on the climate.”