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97 dead in Indonesian military plane crash

97 dead in Indonesian military plane crash
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At least 97 people are now known to have died in the crash of a military plane in Indonesia. The C-130 Hercules ploughed into several houses as it came down, but it’s not clear if anyone was hurt on the ground.

The plane was carrying 109 crew and passengers, including 10 children. They were all military personnel or their families. Of those who survived many have serious injuries. The aircraft plunged into the ground near the Magetan air base in East Java, early this morning. It’s not yet clear what caused the disaster. One witness spoke of seeing the military transporter suddenly tilting in the air and shedding objects like nuts and bolts before nosediving out of the sky. Indonesia has a poor record of air safety and maintenance and there’ve been several accidents involving civilian and military aircraft in recent years.