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UNESCO launches World Digital Library

UNESCO launches World Digital Library
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It is another milestone on the information highway.

UNESCO has launched the World Digital Library, a website which offers free material from libraries and archives around the world. Some 30 partners in various countries will provide access to manuscripts, books, maps and photographs. “There are two big challenges,” said John Van Oudenaren, Director of the World Digital Library. “One is to add many more partners; 30 is a good number, but when you think there are more than 190 countries in the world, we have a long way to go. So we have to add more partners and we have to add more content, more books, more manuscripts, more maps.” The new site will feature material from the likes of the Russian State Library and the Alexandria Library in Egypt. The project follows in the footsteps of Google Book Search and the EU’s new project, Europeana. The World Digital Library can be found at www