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Berlin makes Hypo shares offer

Berlin makes Hypo shares offer
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The German government is moving to nationalise investment bank Hypo Real Estate, which has been propped up with more than 100 billion euros in guarantees, mostly from the state.

Investors are being offered one euro thirty nine cents per share- 10 percent more than the legal minimum. The Berlin government pushed through a law earlier this month allowing the seizure of shares in stricken banks after it failed to agree a takeover price with US private equity investor J.C. Flowers, which owns nearly a quarter of Hypo. Analyst Robert Halver at Baader Bank said the thought it was a good price: “It is a fair, nice offer for all shareholders of Hypo Real Estate. The last exit before nationalisation of the whole company so I would say to the shareholders, please take it.” But the amount is well below the three euros a share that J.C. Flowers, who runs the firm of the same name, has said he wanted. A spokesman for Flowers said the he would study the offer. When the investment group bought into Hypo last June it paid 22.5 euros a share. Flowers has said he would prefer to remain a shareholder working with the German government to restructure and recapitalise the bank. But if Flowers does not agree to the government’s offer price, he might end up with just the legal minimum price of 1.26 euros.