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Berlusconi urges Italy's right to unite

Berlusconi urges Italy's right to unite
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Uniting Italy’s political right, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has called on women and young people to make their mark in politics.

A congress in Rome aims to formally fuse two main parties on Italy’s political right. As well as giving women and young people more say, those attending hope it will create a new force in Italy’s fragmented politics. Italy’s Equal Opportunities Minister Mara Carfagna said: ‘‘The prime minister and his deputy Fini have had the courage to envisage a profond renewal, which does not mean a conflict between generations. It will help young people and women enter politics so their contributions can change the country.’‘ Speculation is rife that the leader of the National Alliance party Gianfranco Fini is waiting in the wings should Berlusconi decide to retire. However, Berlusconi has stated his preferred choice would by the country’s Justice Minister Angelino Alfano. The formation of the new party, called the People of Freedom, merges Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party with the right-wingers of the National Alliance.