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Fritzl awaits jury verdict

Fritzl awaits jury verdict
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Josef Fritzl, the man who locked his daughter in a cellar for almost a quarter of a century and fathered seven children with her – is awaiting the verdict Austrian jury, expected later today.

He has already pleaded guilty to rape, murder, incest and enslavement. This morning the court heard closing arguments from lawyers. The prosecutor is calling for life imprisonment. Fritzl confessed to all the charges allegedly after being overcome by guilt after he saw daughter Elisabeth during her taped evidence. Details of the shocking story have been reported extensively since his arrest leaving Austrians disturbed by what they have heard. This woman says: “I am looking forward to when it’s over, any verdict he will get is too soft. It is not enough for what he has done to his family, there is no punishment for that.” Fritzl imprisoned daughter Elizabeth in the cellar of the Fritzl home, telling other family members she had run off and joined a cult. Now Fritzl faces encarceration in a case which is one of the most disturbing in criminal history.