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German school killer's final moments on film

German school killer's final moments on film
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The final moments of a teenage gunman, cornered by police marksmen in the southern German town of Wendlingen, have been recorded on film.

By the time the mobile phone footage was taken, Tim Kretschmer had killed 15 people. The moment police say he apparently turned the weapon on himself is edited out. Kretschmer’s body is then seen lying on the ground. The 17-year-old, described as an unremarkable student with average grades, shot dead nine pupils and three teachers at his former school in nearby Winnenden. Lessons had barely begun yesterday morning when the first shots rang out. Police say most of the victims were hit in the head and a further seven pupils, all female, were injured. Three others outside the school premises also died. Hundreds packed out the local church last night for a service to remember the victims. The shooting is the latest in recent years to shock Germany. Again, the question many are asking is how do we stop this happening again? “Well, the security in the schools could be improved,”, said one woman at the service,“for example, the doors can be closed once the school starts. Lots of things could be done.” Police say Kretschmer had got around Germany’s strict gun laws by arming himself with his father’s legally-owned nine mm Beretta pistol. Large amounts of ammunition were also found to be missing from the family home.