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Italian parliament launches fingerprint voting

Italian parliament launches fingerprint voting
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Italy’s lower house of parliament has ushered in fingerprint recognition voting in a bid to stamp out cheating.

The new system aims to prevent the chambers members from voting for absent colleagues. Dubbed ‘pianists’ the common practice had led to accusations of fraud. The new arrangement now requires MPs to press their fingers on an electronic reader after inserting a card. While it’s hoped the system will making voting more transparent, it still remains voluntary. A small minority remain opposed, saying the scheme is an invasion of privacy. Around 19 of the parliament’s 630 MPs are completely against with some 60 others still undecided. Last week, the parliament’s speaker offered extra coffee breaks to encourage those who claimed the new method would result in too much time being spent in the chamber. Italy’s upper house, the Senate, says it has no plans to bring in similar measures.