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"Slumdog" success tinged with scandal

"Slumdog" success tinged with scandal
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The eight-Oscar victory of British film “Slumdog Millionaire” has been tinged with scandal amid claims its child actors were underpaid.

Media sources claim the parents of two of the main characters say their children were exploited. However, as she spoke to journalists from the Mumbai slum where she lives, the mother of little Rubina, who plays Latika in the film, said: “It is a source of great happiness and it is good for India. Her fame will make us proud and will make India proud.” The father of Azharuddin Ismail, who plays young Salim, also reacted with pride. “The fact that a poor person like my child is getting so much praise, even if he doesn’t get anything… the fact that a poor man’s child has made such a name for himself, that’s what makes me most happy,” he said. British director Danny Boyle and his producer have rejected the accusations, saying the children were paid above local Indian wages and will receive funding for their education.