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Bomb hits Socialist building in northern Spain

Bomb hits Socialist building in northern Spain
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A bomb has exploded outside a local headquarters of Spain’s Socialist Party in the Basque Country after a telephone warning made in the name of ETA.

Despite extensive damage, no one was injured in the blast early this morning, which has rocked the Basque region just days before local elections. Police managed to evacuate the area before the explosion in the town of Lazkao. A separate device targeted premises belonging to the region’s ruling moderate nationalists, the PNV, on Saturday, in Bilbao. Opinion polls show the PNV, led by Juan Jose Ibarretxe, could lose its nearly 30 year hold on power in the upcoming election. It is facing a strong challenge from the Socialists, headed in the region by Patxi Lopez. Neither he nor the PNV are up against parties linked to ETA who have previously won around 15 percent of the vote in Basque elections. This time round, two radical nationalist parties with alleged ties to the armed Basque separatists, have been barred from taking part.