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Task force captures more pirate suspects

Task force captures more pirate suspects
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A multi-national naval force has seized nine alleged pirates in the Gulf of Aden after answering a distress call from an Indian merchant vessel.

The task force has now detained 16 pirate suspects in two days as part of an anti-piracy campaign. The action is designed to put an end to a spate of ship hijacks that have raked in tens of millions of euros in ransom payments and driven up insurance costs. Personnel from the US guided missile cruiser,“Vella Gulf “ detained the nine after a helicopter fired warning shots to prevent them fleeing the area. The Gulf of Aden runs between Somalia and Yemen, providing a gateway to the Red Sea and the Suez canal, connecting Europe to Asia. The suspects will be held on board the United States Navy craft, the Lewis and Clark until they are transferred for trial to a country that will prosecute them.