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Students spearhead "Stop Chavez" campaign in Venezuela

Students spearhead "Stop Chavez" campaign in Venezuela
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Both pro and anti Venezuelan government demonstrators have held rallies in central Caracas ahead of a referendum on Sunday.

The vote is on whether to abolish term limits of elected leaders which could allow President Hugo Chavez to seek re-election indefinitely. He has already been in office for ten years but says he needs another decade to consolidate his self-styled socialist revolution. Chavez has been out campaigning, pledging to turn the country into a world power. According to opinion polls, opposition parties have only a 10 percent approval rating so are relying on popular student activists to spearhead the stop Chavez campaign. Yon Goicochea, student opposition leader said: “We believe in recovering public spaces, in obtaining a better life for Venezuelans…. We believe in building a better country, in which we don’t have to necessarily divide ourselves along party interests, but in which all of us can contribute to a better Venezuela for all.” Although the students have given the opposition a fresh impetus, Chavez is likely to get the backing of the poor making the final result a close one.