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Gas crisis causes political turmoil in Ukraine

Gas crisis causes political turmoil in Ukraine
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Opposition parties in Ukraine are pressing for the resignation of the Government over the row with Russia that has left the country without gas supplies for two weeks.

As local authorities reduced heating and water supplies, there has been growing resentment on the streets and now there are calls to start impeachment proceedings against President Viktor Yushchenko. The head of the Regions party, Viktor Yanukovich has called for a special commission to investigate what he called the authorities’ abuse of power over gas supply issues. Backed by the communist faction in parliament, the two groups fall short of being able to raise a majority and would need the backing of some pro-government lawmakers to initiate a vote of no confidence. Yanukovich, who favours closer ties with Moscow, lost to President Yushchenko in a re-run of a fraudulent election in 2004 which sparked the Orange Revolution. His party gets its key support from the Russian speaking east and south of the country.