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Guinea junta talks cooperation with civilian leaders

Guinea junta talks cooperation with civilian leaders
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The leaders of this week’s coup in Guinea have said they might be willing to work with the former civilian leaders. Their comments come in the wake of condemnation of their power grab by the US, the UN, the AU and the EU.

The former prime minister, who spent much of the week in hiding, went to the military junta’s barracks for talks. General Mamadouba Toto Camara, the second in command in Guinea, said: “There is the possibility of us working with the old government. We don’t reject anyone. If there are ministers who have the capacity to help us we will keep them. But right now, in this country, we are putting an end to corruption and people getting away with things without punishment.” The military junta has promised new elections in Guinea but not for at least two years. The late President Lansana Conte, whose death on Monday sparked the coup, will be buried today. Many businesses are already closed amid fears of violence. Guinea is the world’s largest exporter of aluminium ore bauxite.